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Our vision in Supply chain solutions is based on providing the needs to our clients with a best quality, price, to deliver desired results that make our clients' satisfy.

Supply Chain Solutions

Long-term Agreement

Consignment and Managed stock Services



Customers required some specific products in order to meet their products' specifications. Our SCS team will provide them unique products, within best price and transportation.



Our logistics team are dealing with domestic and international transportation, to manage the shipment process until the products reached to the end user. Our goal is to meet customer requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Other Services

Long-term Agreement Services

Long-term agreement service; is an agreement between simple solutions Co. and a customer, for the supply of items or provision of services over a period of time based on predefined terms and conditions

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Consignment and Managed stock Services

Is a trading arrangement in which Simple Solutions Co. stock, manage inventory and sends goods to a customer who pays for Simple Solutions Co. Only as and when the goods are delivered and consumed. Under the agreed terms and conditions between both parties.

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