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Our Solutions 

It's a great opportunity to share our efficiency and quality in leading the industry of hoses. With Saudi's vision 2030, we are working in being specialize in all hoses types to assist in improving the local industry. Below are some solutions we worked on upon clients requirements.

Graco High Pressure Equipment Electric Pump

Graco High Pressure Equipment Electric Pump and can generate 36,000 psi on Domestic Power Socket


Project #1

IMG_4260 (1).JPG

Skid Mount Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

We designing this hydraulic system and built it as an engine driven system upon our customer specifications and requirements.

This hydraulic system used for Land Drilling Rig moves for jack up of the hydraulic cylinders.

Project #2

IMG_4264 (1).JPG
IMG_4265 (1).JPG
IMG_4261 (1).JPG
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